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Welcome to your favorite meetup spot. Our culture and traditions may differ but it's funny how conversations of our upbringing caused a chain reaction of long nights and content brewing. 


It started over Saturday morning coffee resembling days of old at the meetup spot. You know, that green utility box at the end of the block that all the cool kids hung out at. Talking about anything and everything from dreams to rumors to current events and more.


From this, we want to create a space where we support, empower, and enlighten black and brown communities but also speak freely with no filter, bringing back the same conversations that we used to, unapologetically us.

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Je(s) with one S

Super dope multimedia designer and now podcast host. The proud daughter of immigrants who came to this country for opportunity. Their blood sweat and tears makes and molds me to what I hope creates generations of smiles. I want to create a place of comfort and visibility. Where gut laughing and speaking with passion isn't considered a threat. I'm just trying to say coñaso and what it do without the code switch. Plus I like talking to my husband.

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I'm young and I'm black and my hats real low. If making it into the gaming industry has taught me anything, it's that I have the power to make change in the world around me. I'm passionate about educating people of color and transparently showing my struggles in hopes that it can inspires others.. and I'm happily married to Jesica. 

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